Nigeria: What is Failed Japa Syndrome? –CKO

“At times people come to social media to paint how japa is a bad choice, how it is a move of suffering, and how these guys come back to Nigeria and make you feel like it’s all a bed of roses out there. They also go further to tell you that there is nothing palatable abroad.” CKO’s analysis of failed Japa syndrome will give fresh insights👇

Ten New Developments to Be Aware of Before Moving to The UK 🇬🇧

Relocating to the UK is not a hard nut to crack contrary to what many thought earlier. It’s a smooth journey for many who are conversant with the necessary things to know before moving to the UK. @Kelvin Alaneme @CareerEdu has offered on a platter of gold, ten things that you need to know before moving to the UK.

International Students’ Top Five Entry Requirements For UK Universities

Several UK university scholarships are offered specifically to talented international students. These special offers are usually mapped to assist International students to further their education and training in various Canadian universities.
This piece centers on the top five requirements among others…

[DETAILS] Revealed Why UK Authorities Hit Hard, Dissolve Peter Obi’s Company, Next International

The first official notice to strike off Next International was issued on 22nd June 2021, then a second notice was given on 31st August 2021. A final gazette to dissolve the company was issued on 7th September 2021.