Video: What Is Passover? Reminiscing the Exodus of Israelites from Egypt

It’s once again a season of Passover in Israel, and atmosphere though, clothed with mixed tensions, is unarguably enveloped with celebration of one of the most revered ceremonies in the history of the Nation, Israel.

The epochal event draws credence to the fact that centuries ago, the people of Israel passed through viscisitudes under the control of Pharaoh of Egypt. A Biblical story that stands the test of time. Thus, the ceremony which was held to mark the final preparation of the Israelites to leave Egypt where they were enslaved to the land that God promised their ancestors, is to date being celebrated by the modern Israelites to acknowledge what God did for them.

Consequent to the severe punishment melted by Pharaoh to suppress the Israelites, the auspicious event, Passover came to pass with a complete disastrous plagues which left Pharaoh with no options than to let the Israelites go.

This video captured succinctly what Passover is about, depicting the aura of the celebration amidst the current situation in Israel which calls for resilience and steadfastness.

What is Passover? See the video below as it would leave you with an enduring imageries of the circumstances surrounding the Exodus of Israelites from Egypt, a replica of what is nowadays playing out between Israel and Iran, among others, which many had tagged another “Modern Exodus of Israelites from Iran.”

See the video here 👇


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