Anambra School Triumphs in National Girls in ICT Competition

In an inspiring victory at the National Girls in ICT Competition 2024, the talented team from St. John Vianney Science College in Igbariam, Anambra, has clinched the national championship title.

Utilizing a groundbreaking virtual reality project titled M-Tag VR, the team showcased Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and famous landmarks, helping them stand out in this prestigious national event.

The competition, orchestrated by the Federal Ministry of Communication, Innovation and Digital Economy, serves as a platform to encourage girls in secondary schools across Nigeria to explore and innovate in the field of technology. The M-Tag VR project allows users to virtually visit iconic Nigerian sites like Zuma Rock and delve into the diverse cultural traditions of various Nigerian tribes, providing an immersive educational experience.

The team, comprising Immaculate Ebube Ikegwuonu, Camilla Anyadike, and Nweke-Nonso Oluchi, and mentored by coach John Onuigbo, demonstrated exceptional skills and creativity. Their journey to the championship was marked by success at both state and regional levels, including a decisive win at the Southeastern regional championship where they outshone competitors from Ebonyi, Imo, Abia, and Enugu.

The final victory at the national level was a culmination of their hard work, impressing the judges and surpassing other strong contenders from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Notable mentions include the teams from Rivers and Lagos states who secured the second and third-place positions, respectively.

Reflecting on the victory, an elated Immaculate Ebube Ikegwuonu shared her gratitude for the platform provided by the school, emphasizing the opportunity to inspire other girls to pursue ICT careers. The director of St. John Vianney Science College, Rev Fr Emmanuel Obimma (Ebube Muo Nso), echoed these sentiments, highlighting the win as a monumental achievement and a testament to the school’s dedication to empowering young women in STEM fields.


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