Nigerian Entrepreneur Clara Chizoba Sets New Guinness World Record, Sparks Reactions

Nigerian social media entrepreneur Clara Chizoba Kronborg has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest interviewing marathon, clocking in an incredible 55 hours and 24 seconds.

This feat surpasses the previous record of 37 hours and 44 minutes, set by Rob Oliver of the USA in 2022.

Clara, who is also a popular talk show host on YouTube, conducted interviews with 90 individuals from various backgrounds, including politicians, entrepreneurs, content creators, actors, and real estate agents. These interviews, which took place on a docked yacht in Marbella, Spain, focused on the personal success stories of her diverse set of guests.

Clara faced numerous hurdles during her record attempt, not least of which were the physical demands of such a marathon. Despite a severe rainstorm and personal discomforts, including a hoarse voice and intense menstrual cramps, Clara persevered.

She relied on regular hydration, strategic rest breaks that allowed for brief naps and necessary personal care, and even wore adult diapers to manage the physical challenges without pausing the interviews.


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