BREAKING: Global Reactions as US, UK Set for First Airstrikes in Yemen

The United States of America and the United Kingdom are set for the first-ever airstrikes against Houthi terrorist strongholds in Yemen. The Times reports.

The development has triggered mixed reactions from the concerned citizens of the world questioning the moral justification behind the countries’ involvement in the offensive crisis in Yemen.

Some of the commentators who condemned the issue decried the role while alleging that the move is geared towards the support of Israeli governments in their ongoing operation in Gaza.

“So … instead of choosing the moral high ground of South Africa and other supporting nations at the International Criminal Justice Court ( ICJ ), charging the Israeli government with Genocide …

“The Canadian government assists the US and other NATO countries in bombing the people of Yemen. Because the Houthi Rebel government of Yemen is attempting to economically pressure Israel to stop the genocide of the Palestinians. By barring container traffic bound for the Israeli port of Haifa.

“Shame on Justin Trudeau, The Liberals, and the Canadian Armed Forces …

“So much for Canada’s Humanitarian stance and claims of being Peacekeepers.”


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