House of Reps to Probe Alleged Discrimination at Chinese-Owned Supermarket in Abuja

The Nigerian House of Representatives is actively investigating allegations of discrimination against Nigerians by a Chinese-owned supermarket in Abuja.

The incident, which was first highlighted in a widely circulated video on social media, purportedly shows discriminatory practices at a supermarket located along Umaru Ya’Adua Road. This supermarket is under the aegis of the China General Chamber of Commerce in Abuja. Despite the supermarket management’s denial of these allegations, the Nigerian government moved swiftly to seal the premises as a preliminary response.

In a joint statement by Hon. Jaafaru Yakubu, Chairman of the House Committee on China/Nigeria Parliamentary Friendship Group, and Hon. Akin Rotimi Jnr., House spokesperson, the Parliament expressed its disapproval of any form of discrimination. They emphasized the longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship between Nigeria and China, which has been fostered through numerous partnerships in areas such as infrastructure, trade, education, and healthcare.

The Nigerian Parliament emphasized the critical importance of mutual respect and understanding between nations. It condemned the alleged discriminatory practices, stating that if proven, such actions would contravene the spirit of friendship and cooperation both countries have cultivated over the years.

The statement further highlighted the various collaborative efforts between Nigeria and China, including socio-cultural exchanges and scholarship programs that have enhanced mutual understanding and friendship between the two nations.

In the face of these troubling allegations, the House Committee on China/Nigeria Parliamentary Friendship Group has committed to conducting a thorough investigation. They aim to collect all pertinent information and ensure that justice is served where necessary. The committee called for sensitivity and open-mindedness from all parties involved and stressed the importance of working towards peaceful and constructive resolutions.

The House of Representatives reaffirmed its dedication to monitoring the situation closely and collaborating with relevant stakeholders to ensure that all Nigerians are treated with fairness, justice, and respect in any foreign-run establishment within the country.


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