Mixed Reactions as Ben Odoh Emerges Chairman of Body of State Attorneys-General

Dr. Ben Uruchi Odoh, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Ebonyi State, has been chosen as the Chairman of the Body of State Attorneys-General.

This election occurred during their recent meeting at the National Judicial Institute in Abuja on Thursday.

Joining him in leadership roles are the Attorney General of Kwara State, Senior Ibrahim, who has been elected as the secretary, and Mrs. Hauwa Abubakar, the Attorney General of Borno, who will serve as the Treasurer.

Dr. Odoh is celebrated for his dedication to restorative justice and his pivotal role in initiating significant legal reforms in Ebonyi State. His efforts have led to the establishment of key departments focused on public defense, gender-based violence, and citizen mediation, markedly transforming the state’s justice system.


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