Virginity Test: Catholic Church Distances Self From Award of Honour Given To ‘Only Virgin’ In Ebonyi State

Various reports have it that Nora Ngozi had earlier claimed to be the only virgin in Ebonyi state which attracted the award in the long run.

‘Japa Syndrome’: Questions You Must Answer Before Relocating To The UK, Europe, Others

Don’t listen to those who have failed japa syndrome all the time, listen to real people doing real things they don’t usually come to write on social media, it comes from them on one-on-one chats, not on a social media post. Check out the information here👇

Nigeria: What is Failed Japa Syndrome? –CKO

“At times people come to social media to paint how japa is a bad choice, how it is a move of suffering, and how these guys come back to Nigeria and make you feel like it’s all a bed of roses out there. They also go further to tell you that there is nothing palatable abroad.” CKO’s analysis of failed Japa syndrome will give fresh insights👇

Release of Akwa Okuko: Latest Update as Anambra Native Doctors Allegedly Message Christians

Do Anambra Native Doctors now seek prayer from Christians on behalf of Akwa Okuko Tiwere Aki? Is all the arguments and castigations more important than the freedom of the captive?