2024 JAPA: Belgian Official Reveals Shocking Secret, Speaks on Conditions of Nigerians in Belgium Streets

“Their humanity will be taken away from them and they will end up in there and that’s why you have to inform your public, the people of Nigeria, the youth of Nigeria that things like that are still going on in Europe and Belgium”.

JAPA Syndrome: Reps Vow to Tackle Brain Drain as Over 50 Health Workers Quit FMC

“About 51 healthcare workers have left the hospital since the beginning of 2023 when the committee visited the hospital for an oversight function to assess the level of healthcare delivery in the facility on Tuesday.” He said.

‘Japa Syndrome’: Questions You Must Answer Before Relocating To The UK, Europe, Others

Don’t listen to those who have failed japa syndrome all the time, listen to real people doing real things they don’t usually come to write on social media, it comes from them on one-on-one chats, not on a social media post. Check out the information here👇

Nigeria: What is Failed Japa Syndrome? –CKO

“At times people come to social media to paint how japa is a bad choice, how it is a move of suffering, and how these guys come back to Nigeria and make you feel like it’s all a bed of roses out there. They also go further to tell you that there is nothing palatable abroad.” CKO’s analysis of failed Japa syndrome will give fresh insights👇