Video [Russia Vs Ukraine]: Putin Announces Fresh Conditions for Ceasefire, Triggers Reactions over Promising End

The conditions set forth by Russia are likely to be met with resistance, given the fraught and volatile nature of the crisis between the two nations.

Israel Vs Hamas: California University President Faces Heavy Sanction After Agreeing to Boycott Israel

In another section, under the heading “Academic Boycott,” he detailed how the school will not pursue formal collaborations that are “sponsored by, or represent, the Israeli state academic and research institutions.”

Israel Vs Hamas [Video] Outrage as Ambassador Erdan Tears the UN Resolution on the UN Stage

The United Nations General Assembly after a series of failed attempts to resolve the crisis between Israel and Hamas, in the week, made a resolution for Hamas, which Israel does not only frown at but shows a total rejection without apologies.

Russia Vs Ukraine: U.S. Supplies Heavy Weapons to Ukraine as Russia Unveils New Bomb

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday said that his country has “a chance at victory” with the new armaments package for Kyiv’s troops that is nearing approval in the U.S. Congress and supported by President Joe Biden.

Videos: Netherlands Stand for Israel as Hamas Supporters Shake New York City, Ottawa, Others

Although Hamas is designated as a Terrorist Organization by the United States, Canada, the European Union, Israel, and Japan, the ongoing demonstration cannot be underplayed.

Iran Vs. Israel: Why Iranian Media Refute Report on Anticipated Shipment of Su-35 Fighter Jets from Russia to Iran

This is as the alliance between Russia and Iran grows stronger following the leaked report by Iranian Media that the two countries have been discussing the delivery of Su-35 fighter jets to Iran for over a year.