Videos: Netherlands Stand for Israel as Hamas Supporters Shake New York City, Ottawa, Others

Although Hamas is designated as a Terrorist Organization by the United States, Canada, the European Union, Israel, and Japan, the ongoing demonstration cannot be underplayed.

Watch Another Horrors of War: Israeli Defense Forces Take Down 200 Fighters, Capture over 500, Free 6000 Civilians

In the latest updates, Israeli Defense Forces IDF, has again completed another operation at Al-Shifa hospital, which yielded monumental results of annihilation that goes the ideas of the retribution launched following the October 7, 2023 attack by Hamas fighters.

Israel Vs. Hamas: Again, Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson Addresses Crucial over Latest Attacks

“Tonight there was an event in Gaza that led to the tragic death of the workers of the Central Global Kitchen, while they were fulfilling their vital mission – to bring food to those in need. As a professional army committed to international law, we are obliged to examine our acts thoroughly and transparently.