Israel Vs Hamas [Heartfelt Resilience]: Noa Argamani’s Emotional Journey to Freedom

In a heartfelt testimony, Noa Argamani recounts the harrowing days she spent in captivity and her dramatic rescue in Gaza.

“I was held at a wealthy family’s home in Gaza. They kept telling me, ‘You should thank God you’re with us; there are far worse places,'” Noa begins, her voice trembling with the weight of her ordeal.

The conditions were oppressive. “They would open the door without knocking whenever they wanted me to clean the house. It was humiliating and degrading.”

The moment of her rescue was surreal. “A soldier opened the door and said, ‘Hello Noa, this is the IDF.’ I thought he was joking, so I didn’t move. Then he told me, ‘I’m going to pick you up over my shoulder, is that okay?’ That’s when I realized it was actually happening.”

The escape was fraught with danger. “During the departure, the truck got stuck, and it was terrifying. The soldiers were so brave. It was a matter of a few seconds, and I might not have been here today,” Noa reflects, her eyes welling with tears.

This testimony, shared with Israeli News 12, sheds light on the incredible courage and resilience of both Noa and the soldiers who risked their lives to save her.


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