U.S. Secretary of State, Blinken Speaks as Protesters Take over Gaza

U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken has acknowledged that demonstration is a hallmarks of a democratic society, while criticising students protesting against Israel, and excluding Hamas in the lingering crisis between them.

Blinken made this assertion as students’ protests against Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza continue at more than three dozen American universities, saying that the demonstrations were “a hallmark” of American democracy.

At the same time, he, however criticized the students for their “silence” on Hamas.

“It is also notable that there is silence about Hamas. It’s as if it wasn’t even part of the story,” Blinken said to reporters Friday during a visit to Beijing. “But as I’ve also said repeatedly, the way Israel goes about ensuring that October 7th never happens again matters profoundly.”

Speaking in a country where dissent is often harshly suppressed, Blinken said he understood the war invokes “strong, passionate feelings” and voiced support for the students’ right to protest.

“It’s a hallmark of our democracy that our citizens make known their views, their concerns, their anger, at any given time, and I think that reflects the strength of the country, the strength of democracy,” he said.


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