Updates: [Israel Vs. Hamas] Group Makes Huge Requests As Israeli Team Zooms off to Egypt Amid Increasing Bombardments

A hostage that was released said that the Hamas terrorists told them everyday lies such as that Israel no longer existed and that no one was coming to free them. They are playing mind games with the innocent.

Watch Heaviest Protest in Londonistan

Reacting to the protest, an Israeli commentator wrote: “They hate Israel more than they love Palestinians. They didn’t protest when Bashar Al Assad butchered over 200,000 Arabs.
“They didn’t protest when Lebanon built an apartheid wall around the largest Palestinian refugee camp Ain al-Hilweh.”

Israel Vs Hamas: Israel Reveals Another Shocking Discovery After First Miracle In Gaza

For about three months and still counting Israel woke up counting their losses following a deadly attack by Hamas on Sunday night the 7th of October, 2023. The monumental effects of the incident remain indelible on the victims’ families, the nation, and their friends across the globe.

PHOTOS: Signals as Jewish, Muslim Soldiers in Israel Defense Forces Observe Moment of Prayer, Set to Enter Gaza’s Second-Larges

According to an Israeli Commentator who took the shots, Israeli Soldiers are united against extremism which contradicts their propaganda.

Israel Vs Hamas: Watch Senator Marco Rubio’s Answers to Questions by Radical Leftists on War in Gaza, Others

Peace may not be farfetched, however, following the recent attack in Jerusalem which Hamas claimed to be behind, Israel may intensify efforts in their retribution despite the truce in Gaza.