VIDEO: IDF Spokesperson Addresses Recent Military Operations as Israel Triumps

The Spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has provided critical updates on the recent military operations conducted by the nation’s army.

In response to these operations, conflicting information has surfaced, causing mixed reactions among the public. The spokesperson clarified that the IDF successfully executed strikes in southern Lebanon, targeting key terrorist locations.

Earlier on Saturday morning, Golani patrol forces identified terrorists entering a Hezbollah military structure in Merkaba, southern Lebanon. Coordinating an aerial assault, fighter jets targeted the building, successfully eliminating the threat.

Additionally, IDF fighter jets recently attacked four Hezbollah launch sites in Shehin, Zabkin, Hanin, and Khula.

Following the alerts activated at 19:15 in the Finger of the Galilee area, approximately five rockets were detected crossing from Lebanon and landing in open areas, causing fires. The launches also led to fires in Mesgav Am, with some damage reported to buildings in Malkia and Mesgav Am.

In response, IDF forces conducted artillery strikes on all identified sources of fire. Firefighters are currently working to extinguish the fires, and no casualties have been reported in any of the incidents.

[See the video here 👇]


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