Videos: Netherlands Stand for Israel as Hamas Supporters Shake New York City, Ottawa, Others

Thousands of people gathered in Netherlands to express their unalloyed support for Israel especially amid growing tensions and crisis between Israel and the adversaries including Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.

This complements the effort towards refuting a bunch of lies labeled against Israel by Pro-Hamas supporters across the globe since the beginning of the crisis between Israel and Hamas.

In a heartwarming message from an Israeli Commentator and Human Rights Activist, Hananya Naftali, the Netherlands’ stance on the side of truth is commendable as they refused to allow the anti-Israel nations to silence them.

He said: “THANK YOU the Netherlands for REFUSING to let them silence us. The voice of truth is stronger than any lie. Am Yisrael Chai. All glory to God.”

See the video here👇

In another development, Hamas Supporters in New York City, United States matched in full-force to assert their unalloyed Solidarity to the Palestinians and Hamas in the lingering crisis between Israel and Hamas.

The mammoth group in their disguised attires were singing praises to Hasmas following the October 7 attack on Israel.

Although Hamas is designated as a Terrorist Organization by the United States, Canada, the European Union, Israel, and Japan, the ongoing demonstration cannot be underplayed nor should the deliberate alignment and support of Hamas records from other countries of the world be neglected, nor taken as a child’s play.

See the video here👇

Similarly, Canada witnessed one of the heaviest demonstrations in the country as thousands of Pro-Hamas supporters drummed support for Hamas in what could be described as a one-million-man match in the city of Ottawa on Sunday.


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