Israel Vs. Hamas: Again, Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson Addresses Crucial over Latest Attacks

Israeli Defense Forces IDF, Spokesperson has cleared the air on the circumstances surrounding the latest operations that led to the death of many and the release of over five hundred captives

The IDF Spokesperson who described the incident as tragic also pledged to embrace the public with their findings in due time.

His words:
“Tonight there was an event in Gaza that led to the tragic death of the workers of the Central Global Kitchen, while they were fulfilling their vital mission – to bring food to those in need.

“As a professional army committed to international law, we are obliged to examine our acts thoroughly and transparently.

“I just spoke with the founder of WCK, Chef Jose Andres – and expressed the deepest condolences of the IDF – to the families of the entire organization.

“We also express sincere sorrow to our partner countries, who have done and continue to do everything to help those in need.

“We examine the event in depth, to understand the circumstances of what happened and how it happened.

“We investigate to examine this serious incident, to learn lessons in order to reduce the chance of such cases recurring.

“The incident will be investigated by the General Intelligence Investigation Mechanism – an independent, professional and expert body.

“In recent months, the IDF has been working in close cooperation with the Central World Kitchen, to help them fulfill their noble mission – to bring food and humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza.
“The organization also came to help the Israelis after the events of the October Shiva massacre – they were one of the first organizations to do so.

“WCK’s work is critical – they are at the forefront of humanity.

“We will get to the root of the matter and share the findings transparently with the public.”


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