Israel Vs Hamas: [Video] Prime Minister Netanyahu Reveals Why No Retreat No Surrender

Recall that the United Nations has been in talks with Israel on the exigent need for a ceasefire since the retribution started. However, Hamas on the other hand has paid deaf ears to the demand for the release of Israeli citizens taking hostages.

Israel Vs Hamas: Expert Reveals Netanyahu’s Mind, Strategies on Gaza

“Now, as he leads his nation into the war on Gaza, the personality traits that shape Netanyahu’s biggest decisions could directly affect the lives of millions of Israelis and Palestinians and the direction of the conflict.” Expert affirms…

JUST IN: Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu Sends Message To Countries, Friends of Israel

“I also have a message to Iran and Hezbollah: Don’t repeat the mistake you have made once, because today the price you pay will be heavier. President Biden told you in English: “Don’t do it. And I tell you the same in Hebrew: ” Be careful”. He said.