Watch Another Horrors of War: Israeli Defense Forces Take Down 200 Fighters, Capture over 500, Free 6000 Civilians

Seeing human lives being pushed across the Rubicon daily basis, and structures, among other properties that took decades to be acquired and destroyed in crisis-ridden countries, one would begin to wonder what human society will turn into in the coming years.

The lingering crisis between Israel and Hamas has consistently triggered a series of concerns following the incessant bombardments and counter-attacks consequently leading to brazing ululations and regrets for both parties involved.

In the latest updates, Israeli Defense Forces IDF has again completed another operation at Al-Shifa hospital, which yielded monumental results of annihilation that goes the ideas of the retribution launched following the October 7, 2023 attack by Hamas fighters.

According to reports, the IDF successfully took down 200 Hamas fighters and captured over 500 others in the comprehensive operation at the hospital.

Also, over 6000 civilians were reportedly freed from the dungeon of captivities.

The incident has triggered more reactions from commentators, who aver their different views.

One of the activists who is also an Israeli commentator, expressed disappointment that instead of condemning Hamas for turning a hospital into a “terrorist HQ”, the World Health Organization chooses silence over action. SHAMEFUL!”

See the video here:�


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