Nigeria @63: Milestones, Hiccups; Ways Forward

“No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect by its people.” Mahatma once said. Therefore, Sixty-three years of freedom though not without intermittent interruptions is not a small achievement but freedom in this scenario is equivalent to living in bondage. There’s, thus, a clarion call for Nigerians to save her ship lest it heads to the Bermuda Triangle.

Supreme Court: Labour Party Chieftain Reveals Why Obi Will Lose Again

“If you say a mandate is stolen, the onus is on you to prove it, and not only proving it, you have to prove it beyond reasonable and possibly unreasonable doubt. The reality is that the President is installed and it is even more difficult now.” He said.

BIAFRA: Nigeria’ll Burn If My British Husband In Jail Dies

“It’s so disappointing,” she said. “He’s a British citizen kidnapped in a foreign country, but they don’t seem to care, it makes them complicit, in a way. They are putting commercial relations with Abuja above the rule of law, basic human rights, and decency.” She said

Niger Junta: Fani-Kayode to Nigerians: Stop Trembling, We Have the Resources And Connections To Win Them If…

“I do not want a war and I do not believe that we should initiate hostilities by invading or deploying troops to Niger Republic unless it is absolutely necessary.”

Requirements for International Students Seeking Canadian Scholarships

If you plan to get a secondary or University education in Canada, there are a few ways to increase the likelihood of receiving a scholarship to help fund your studies.
This piece of information is a must-read.