Nigeria Universities: 10 Things Newly Admitted Students Should Know

Newly admitted students in various universities in Nigeria do find it difficult to understand and differentiate between secondary school lives and the varsity style of things. This incredibly draws credence to their fresh minds in every engagement in school as many keep battling with the environment for months or years in school.

Meanwhile, several newly admitted students despite the series of orientations to be organized by their various departments or faculties do get misled or not informed at all about some essential information that would enable their success in the higher institutions.

Therefore, through holistic research, we have come up with raw and undiluted numbers of facts every fresher must know in their first year in higher institutions.

  1. You should know that your performance in your first session (100 level) has a greater impact on the class of degree you will graduate with.

Don’t be carried away by the seeming total freedom in school. If you fail to build your GPAP in your 100 level, it will be pretty hard for you to do so at other levels.

  1. You should identify yourself with at least one fellowship in school. A fellowship that is concerned about your spiritual welfare and also aids you when you are in need. It’s important.
  2. Be careful when looking for a roommate. Someroommatese have landed terrible problems in school. If you can stay alone, it will save you a lot of trouble.
  3. Resist the urge to skip lectures or fail to do your assignments. You should know that your continuous assessment is as important as your examinations as your CAconstitutese 30% of your grade.

This implies that if you get 25/30 in your continuous assessment by attending lectures, writing tests, and doing assignments, you will only need 45 marks out of 70 in your exams to make an A.

  1. Learn to manage your resources and avoid extravagant spending.

You should know that you are not in competition with anybody in school. Over there, you will see people from different walks of life: affluent, Yahoo guys, middle class,s, and others. Live within your means and do not envy anybody.

  1. Choose your friends wisely. Everybody must not be your friend. Look out for people who have the same purpose as you. They will help you in smashing your goals easily.

Spend time with people who add value and quality to your life, not those who revel in endless idling.

  1. Stay healthy and eat well. Oneoffillnesssmostt students in the university suffer from is Ulcers which happen when they do not have time enough to eat.

Food is very important. Don’t getgotor your classes on an empty stomach. Even if you will, endeavor to take snacks or anything that can sustain you till when you will eat proper food.

Eat fruits too.

  1. Stay safe and stay out of trouble. It is not compulsory you must attend every social event in school. Beware of some parties too.
  2. Do not ever feel like you know it all. Ask questions from your senior colleagues, collector users, and friends who know more than you do.

If you have the money, you can also attend tutorials. Night classes are good too if you can cope with the stress.

  1. Above all, never underestimate the help of God. Pray always.

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