Zion Ministry: [Fresh Exposition] Impending Blackmail of Evang Ebuka Obi Sets to Shake Internet

“We shall advise him to keep silent and ignore these blackmailers who do this out of jealousy and Envy. When you don’t give them the attention they are looking for? They would naturally fade away.” The Group Urder…

Report Uncovers How Nigerian Pastor Chris Misleads Followers with Malaria Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a prominent Nigerian religious leader, has come under scrutiny for disseminating false information concerning malaria vaccines. A detailed analysis by BBC revealed that Pastor Oyakhilome misinterpreted a … Read More

Catholic Priest Writes “First Letter to Mathias Ezeaku” on Religious Supremacy, Says Jesus Christ Didn’t Make Anyone Rich in Bible

In the epistle titled ‘First Letter to Mathias Ezeaku, Fada Oluoma brought to the limelight a series of confusion surrounding the Traditional Religion’s campaign launched by Maazi Mathias Ezeaku. He calls him to order.

JUST IN: Pope Francis Excludes Africans as He Restates Position on Same-Sex Blessings

“Those who protest vehemently belong to small ideological groups. A special case is Africans: for them, homosexuality is something bad from a cultural point of view, and they don’t tolerate it.