Video: Wonders In Adoration Ministry: Rev. Fr. Ebube Muonso Makes Strong Confession About Rv. Fr. Mbaka

The Spiritual Director of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anambra State, Reverend Father Emmanuel Obimma popularly known as Fr. Ebube Muo Nso has urged all believers to support and pray for the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria Amen, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka to wax stronger in the lord.

Reverend Fr. Obimma made the call when he visited the Adoration Ministry, Enugu State, Nigeria Amen, in the weekly programme.

In his address, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma stated that Rv. Fr. Ejike Mbaka is his Godfather and inspirer in the ministry while recounting the circumstances surrounding his journey thus far.

Fr. Obimma says:
“I’m very excited to be in your midst today. I came to see the members of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria, Amen. I came to see my inspiration. He is the Almighty Formula and a rare gift to humanity not only to the Church of Christ but to the entire humanity. I wish to tell everybody here that right from my Seminary days, I have been admiring Fr. Mbaka from afar. My contemporary will tell you. He inspired me. That time, if I were with you and you talk ill against Fr., I would set for a fight.

“From Seminary then, I didn’t know that I would later become like him. So, we thank the Almighty God for his gift. Our big friend in the Lord, thank you very much. Anytime we see you, we get excited. Just like I said on Sunday night during the deliverance session, how to know an original and authentic is that it would rain and the wind would blow but he would remain resolute and unshakable. That is how to assess one’s originality and authenticity.

“For over 27 years, Fr. stood on the battlefield with a machine gun shooting kakakakakaka. So, anybody who resides in Enugu and beyond that does not pray for Fr. Mbaka is not a good person. I normally tell my brother, Priest that it’s not easy. Imagine those of us who have just been in the ministry for a few years, we know what we have been facing. If we consider the number of years he has been in this service, we will understand what St Paul says,” I fight battles daily and am being persecuted by my friends, Jewish, Gentiles and persecution from my countrymen. Upon everything, Fr is still strong.
“We can’t thank God enough for his compassion is second to none. I say everything point-blank just like Fr. does. So, I have to stop here. You know, Priesthood is the highest brotherhood in the whole world and we are really enjoying that brotherhood.
” I salute all the Reverend fathers, and Reverends who work together for the progress of this ministry Nothing will happen to you Fr. Because anytime we see you, we get encouraged.
Long live the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria Amen. Anybody in Enugu state and beyond is to be a member of this ministry.

“I call Fr. Mbaka, Mmili Malu Ugo makana Mmili Malu Ugo n’ asa Ugo Ahu”. The more they attack him the stronger he becomes in the Lord. Ayeyeye oo.” Fr. Emmanuel Obimma (Fr. Ebube Muo Nso) said.”


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