Nigeria Anti-Gay Law 2014: Security Foils Same-sex Weddings, Arrests, Parades Over 200 Suspects –Report

Security operatives have since then continued to foil different attempts for individuals to carry out gay marriage and weddings, whereby over 200 suspects have been incarcerated in recent times.

ANAMBRA: Security Operatives Arrest Six Suspects for Allegedly Gang-rapping 19-year-old Girl

As a result of the high rate of crimes amongst delinquents in Anambra State, parents and guardians are advised to stop sparing the rod and thereby spoil the child.

EBONYI: Concerned Citizens Seek Help Over Correct Identity of Woman Intercepted With Little Boy By Vigilante Group

The woman could not explain where she was from and where she was going with the little boy. Also, the little boy cannot speak either to ascertain if the woman is his biological mother.

Anambra: Again, Security Operatives Arrest Three Suspected Kidnappers, Rescue Victims

Two AK-47 with live ammunition, fake police, and army uniforms, two Cell phone,s, two Bulletproof vests, two Walkie-talkies, one Ash Lexus 350 with registration number: EKY – 605GV LAGOS, and others.