7 Surprising Steps to Make Your Data Last Longer!

Running out of mobile data is inevitable, but it is still possible to make your mobile data last longer with these quick and easy tips that I’ll be telling you.

  1. Disable Background Apps from Refreshing. You might not know this, but mobile apps like Facebook and Instagram continue to use up your data— even when you’re not using them. They run in the background, so they can still send notifications to pop up on your screen because of the background app refresh function.

When you first get your phone, the background app refresh function is turned on by default. To reduce data usage, here’s what you should do:

iOS users :

‼️Head over to your ‘Settings’ app.

‼️Click on ‘General’

‼️Select ‘Background App Refresh’

‼️From there, you can switch ‘Off’ to this function OR even select which apps you want to turn off.

Android users?!!.

Here’s your tip.

‼️Open up your ‘Settings’ app.

‼️Click on ‘Data Usage’

‼️Select the Menu button.

‼️Tap on ‘Restrict background data’.

  1. Disable video auto-play.

Compared to last year, the total amount of social media users has increased by 9%.

With the continuous surge of people active on social media every year, many can be a victim of the auto-play on social media apps.

As a result, many waste their precious mobile data at a drastic and unnoticeable rate.

Regardless of whether you’re watching a specific video or an ad, they will automatically start playing as you scroll through your social feed.

By leaving your auto-play function on, you unknowingly drain out your mobile data.

  1. Disable automatic mobile app updates.

Another major mobile data moocher is the automatic app update function on your phone.

Always ‘On’ by default, apps spontaneously get updated whenever a new version surfaces.

Whether you’re connected through wifi or mobile data, your apps will be updated.

  1. Setting Data Limits.

This is done from your phone’s settings (both Android and iOS), under mobile data.

Once you set the data limit, then you can be able to manage the amount of data you consume per day.

Data limits help you put a ceiling to the amount of data you can use, which will come in handy when it comes to cost savings.

  1. Purchasing The Right Bundles.

The most efficient way to manage your data costs is through data bundles. With data bundles, you’re more likely to get a cheaper option that serves your needs.

  1. Always download your videos instead of streaming them or watching them online.

You’ll use less data.

  1. Using Data-saving Apps.

The last and final step in taking control of your data management is the use of third-party apps.

The best of them is Google’s Datally, which will try to save you a few coins by managing the apps and websites you visit.

The second is using data-saving browsers such as Brave and using Lite apps that are specifically built to save data. Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, TikTok Lite, and YouTube Go will all come in handy when you’re cutting down on your data costs.


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