Revealing Ancestral Igbo Connections Between Ikwerre People in Rivers State; Imo, Anambra, Other States in South East, Nigeria

In this piece, a deliberate effort is made toward dissecting the unique features of Igbo people which against all odds show their relationship and oneness regardless of the States or regions one comes from.

WONDERS: What Happened to Nigerian Boy Who Walked on Red Carpet Meant for Governor

They call it overconfidence that kills the monkey which jumps from tree to tree without caution. Others have described the incident as the power of confidence while some are wowed by such a display of temerity by a seemingly poor boy from a no mean background in Nigeria.

Nigeria Security Agencies’ Silence over 70 Corpses, Uncovered Skeletons in Abia State Suspicious– Barrister

According to Governor Otti, it was also discovered that the cattle market was being used by kidnappers as ransom collection points.

BIAFRA: Gov. Otti Reveals Strategies for Kanu’s Release, Says No Media Frenzy but in Achieving Results

The Court of Appeal had earlier discharged and acquitted him of allegations against him but the federal government eventually took him to Supreme Court where the Justices are yet to rule on the matter.