Revealing Ancestral Igbo Connections Between Ikwerre People in Rivers State; Imo, Anambra, Other States in South East, Nigeria

Igbo people are the dominant residents of the South East region of Nigeria in West Africa, Africa. They are known for their resilience, determination, and perseverance in the face of the vicissitudes of life. Ndigbo/Ndigboo (People of the old), as they are popularly referred to are in every part of the world, where they function actively in all sectors.

In Nigeria and West Africa, the Igbo People are phenomenal and distinctively known for their ingenuity and doggedness in handling various situations and engagements in Economy, Education, Entertainment, Religion, and Leadership, among others.

Apart from the rich cultural heritage of the Igbo people, they are easily distinguished based on their language, business-inclined mindset, and visibility in every environment they are found.

However, there exist myriad discrepancies that are persistently in vogue among the Igbo People. This draws credence to the circumstances surrounding the aftermath of the indelible incident of the 1967—1970 Nigeria-Biafra war, which inarguably necessitated what many would later term a “divide and rule” in the leadership sphere of the country. The Igbo people were consequent to the war, scattered across the globe, and to date, no country exists in the world without “Onye Igbo”.

Little wonder a popular Igbo Afrobeat Singer, Flavour N’Abania released a track about Ndi Igbo, urging everyone to vacate any part of the world without an Igbo man. He is invariably appraising the undying spirit and tenacity of the Igbo people, which remains undeniably felt by all and sundry in society.

In this piece, a deliberate effort is made toward dissecting the unique features of Igbo people which against all odds show their relationship and oneness regardless of the States or regions one comes from.

The focus is on the Ikwerre People in Rivers State. The following communities have the same ancestral connection in pronunciations and meaning, as in Ikwerre in Rivers State, Imo, Ebonyi, and among other States in South East, Nigeria

RIVERS State IMO state. EBONYI state

  1. Omuma. Omuma –
    2 Isiokpo. Isiokpo. –
  2. Rumuji. Umuji. –
  3. Rumueze. Umueze. –
  4. Rumuewhor – Umuawhor
  5. Rumueme. Umueme
  6. Umuike. Umuike
  7. Uburu. – Uburu
  8. Okposi. – Okposi
  9. Rumucrushi
  10. Ubima.

According to an Ikwerre man on a mission to the Unify IGBO NATION, there are the same Ikwerre community’s names found in Enugu, Anambra, and Abia states.

Credit: IGBO EZUE TV, Iwhuruoha Voice


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