Video [Russia Vs Ukraine]: Putin Announces Fresh Conditions for Ceasefire, Triggers Reactions over Promising End

In a move ostensibly aimed at ending the protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin announced during his visit to Belarus last night that he supports negotiations for a ceasefire with Ukraine.

However, Putin’s conditions are far from conciliatory. He insists that any ceasefire must acknowledge the current situation on the ground, effectively demanding that the territories Russia has seized from Ukraine remain under Russian control.

Further complicating the situation, Putin questioned the legitimacy of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, asserting that Zelensky’s legal term has expired and thus, he is not a legitimate leader for negotiations.

This statement undermines the already fragile diplomatic landscape and raises the critical question of who would represent Ukraine in any potential agreements.
It is worth noting that Putin was recently sworn in for another six-year term as President of Russia following highly questionable “free elections.”

This context adds a layer of skepticism regarding his genuine intentions in calling for a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, the prospect of a truce remains elusive. Putin’s rigid stance and the ongoing tensions suggest that any resolution is still a distant hope.

The conditions set forth by Russia are likely to be met with resistance, given the fraught and volatile nature of the crisis between the two nations.

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