[Video]Latest News on Israel Vs Hamas: IDF Lauches Further Attacks on Hamas Naval Force, Others in Gaza City

A series of attacks carried out by the Israel Defense Forces IDF, have claimed a number of Hamas fighters in Gaza City.

This is as Israeli tank shoots at a target that causes massive explosion.


Following the elimination of a Hamas Commander, Ahmed Ali, other information gathered indicate that he is the one that promoted offensive attacks against Israeli territory and IDF operating in the Gaza Strip.

Ahmed Ali also in the meantime, and in recent weeks, worked to promote attacks against IDF forces operating in the corridor in the center of the Gaza Strip, until his reign was halted, his notorious roles remain ever unfortunate in the entire city.


In another development, Hamas fighters allegedly shut a number of civilians and catered away relief materials from the victims.

A Graphic video of Hamas fighters driving away after having shot a number of civilian Gazans accused of having stolen humanitarian aid held by Hamas is shown below:



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