Details as Netanyahu Meets with President Macron, Discusses Critical Matters

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with President Macron yesterday, according to an update from the Prime Minister’s Office.
During their conversation, Netanyahu briefed Macron on the plan for releasing hostages and highlighted that the plan aligns with Israel’s war objectives, including the neutralization of Hamas.

Netanyahu reiterated that alongside the hostage release, Israel’s primary goal remains the elimination of Hamas, a key aspect of the ongoing conflict.

The leaders also discussed the situation in the north, progress in the Israeli operation in Rafah, humanitarian efforts in Gaza, and various political and legal matters.

President Macron expressed his support for Israel’s efforts to secure the release of hostages and discussed potential avenues for diplomatic progress in the region.

The meeting concluded with both leaders reaffirming their commitment to continued dialogue and cooperation on regional and international issues of mutual concern.


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