Islamisation Agenda? Bishop Kukah Raises Alarm over Alleged Refusal of Northern Nigerian Universities to Allow Christian Worship Centres

The fear of the alleged “Islamisation Agenda” of certain Muslim Faithful in leadership positions in Nigeria intensifies as the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, has once again expressed his concern about the growing prevalence of ethnic and religious prejudices in Nigerian universities, especially in the Northern region of the country.

Bishop Mathew Kukah made this statement over the weekend while reacting to the growing rate of religious fanatism in the country.

Kuka while going down memory lane cited how other Universities in other parts of the country, including the University of Nigeria Nsukka UNN, allowed the construction of a magnificent Mosque to enable the Muslim Faithful to worship and practice their religion.

This, he said, is contrary to what is happening in the Northern region where the likes of Usman Dan Fodio University which is over forty years old, Bayero University, and other Universities in Northern Nigeria have decided to shut down their doors to the possibility of Churches being built in the Universities across the Country.

According to Kukah, allowing this act to continue unabated simply means that there’s a problem.

Bishop Kukah said: “A mosque was constructed at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I delivered a convocation lecture in Calabar three weeks ago. After my lecture, the Chief Imam of the University came to congratulate me.

“But as I speak to you, Usman Dan Fodio, which is over 40 years old, Bayero University, and other universities in Northern Nigeria have decided to close their doors to the possibility of churches being built in the universities across this country.

“All this fanaticism we are seeing is expressed in public life. If students in the university or at the point of their growing up are not allowed to integrate and interrelate, and if churches or mosques cannot be built across this country, then there is a problem.”


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