U.S Based Nigerian Influencer Calls for Probing of MFM Church Founder Over Alleged Sexual Abuse

Mrs. Funke Ashekun, a prominent Nigerian social media influencer and YouTuber residing in the United States, has initiated a petition to the police departments in Maryland and Nevada. The petition seeks a thorough investigation into Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), on allegations of sexual abuse and other forms of misconduct.

According to Ashekun, Dr. Olukoya’s alleged actions transcend the boundaries of religious duties, delving into exploitation and abuse. She claims that the cleric has exploited his authoritative position by preying on single mothers and young women from vulnerable backgrounds, allegedly engaging in sexual abuse under the guise of offering prayers and spiritual guidance.

The gravity of these allegations is underscored by victims’ reported fears of retribution and harm, which have purportedly allowed Olukoya to continue his actions without accountability. Ashekun’s petition, titled “Rescue MFM church victims from Dr. DK Olukoya,” highlights these concerns and has gained traction with 77 signatures since its inception last week.

Further intensifying the issue, Ashekun accused Olukoya of manipulating the legal and judicial systems to suppress dissent. She cited instances where individuals who spoke out faced legal challenges and even imprisonment, as in the case of Mr. Ayotunde Richard, who is currently incarcerated for resisting Olukoya’s advances towards his wife.

Moreover, Ashekun alleges that Olukoya utilizes his church’s branches worldwide to initiate lawsuits against detractors, aiming to safeguard his image through proxy legal battles. She revealed that the Nevada branch of MFM had recently filed a lawsuit against her by proxy, indicating a pattern of using legal measures to intimidate and silence opposition.

Ashekun’s call to action is clear: she urges law enforcement to take swift and decisive action to investigate these serious allegations and hold Olukoya accountable if found guilty. She emphasizes the need for community vigilance and protective measures to safeguard vulnerable individuals who might fall prey to such exploitation.

In her efforts to raise awareness and protect potential victims, Ashekun has also created social media platforms dedicated to educating African parents on the dangers of blindly trusting individuals with their children, particularly girls.


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