Former PDP Presidential Aspirant, Cosmos Ndukwe Resigns from Party, Reveals New Political Path

Cosmos Ndukwe, a former presidential aspirant from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State, has officially resigned from the party.

Announcing his departure on his Facebook page, Ndukwe expressed that it was time to leave the “PDP family” and hinted at an upcoming announcement regarding his new political direction.

In his detailed resignation letter, which he addressed to the PDP chairman of Item C Ward in Bende Local Government Area, Ndukwe outlined the reasons behind his decision. He cited personal reflections on his commitments and aspirations as key factors driving his resignation. Ndukwe reflected on his extensive career within the PDP, which included roles such as Councillor, Deputy Chairman of the Local Government, Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor of Abia State, Deputy Speaker of the Abia 6th House of Assembly, and Presidential Aspirant in the 2023 elections.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunities and relationships he formed within the party, Ndukwe emphasized his continued commitment to democratic principles and the progress of Abia State. He conveyed his appreciation towards the party members and executives for their support over the years.

Ndukwe’s letter concluded with formal notice of his resignation from all duties and responsibilities associated with his positions in the PDP of Abia State, wishing the party success in its future endeavors.


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