Anambra East LGA Breaks National Record

Anambra East LGA has recently made history by becoming the first and only Local Government Area (LGA) in Nigeria to join the Open Government Partnership (OGP) as of April 16, 2024.

The OGP is an esteemed international initiative that fosters partnerships between governments and civil society organizations to promote transparency, accountability, and citizen involvement in governance. By becoming a member of this network, Anambra East is pledging to transform into a more open and accountable local government.

Here are a few advantages of joining the OGP:

1. Global Collaboration: Anambra East will now have the opportunity to network with over 75 countries and 140 local governments worldwide, which opens up numerous possibilities for collaboration and funding.

2. Enhanced Governance: Adopting open government principles allows for a better understanding and more effective addressing of community needs, leading to improved policy-making and service delivery.

3. Increased Citizen Participation: Central to the OGP’s mission is the inclusion of citizens in governance. Anambra East plans to actively engage its residents in decision-making processes to ensure their voices are effectively heard.

This achievement was made possible through the visionary leadership of the state governor, who has been a staunch supporter of empowering local governance in Anambra. Special thanks are also due to Chief Osita Chidoka and his Mekaria Mentorship program for their invaluable guidance and direction.

Gratitude is also extended to the Local Government’s Partnerships and Strategy team, led by OGP Focal Person Mr. Stephen Nwike Nweke, and Mr. Michael Chineme, head of the media team. Acknowledgments are also due to Dr. Mrs. Ofojebe Amuche, Head of Local Government Administration, Mr. Ọgụgụa Onyema, Head of Budget, Planning and Research, all Heads of Departments, and Councillors for their support and contributions.


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