Reactions as Trump Continues to Lead Joe Biden in Latest CNN Poll

As the presidential race heats up alongside former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial, recent polling data shows Trump maintaining a lead over current President Joe Biden.

A CNN poll conducted by SSRS reveals that more Americans now view Trump’s past presidency favorably compared to Biden’s current tenure.

According to the poll, 49% of registered voters support Trump in a direct match-up against Biden, who holds 43% support. This figure remains relatively unchanged from January. Public opinion has shifted notably since Trump’s term, with 55% of Americans now viewing his presidency as successful, a stark contrast to 44% who view it as a failure—a significant rebound from the 55% who deemed it a failure just before he left office.

Conversely, Biden’s presidency faces increasing criticism, with 61% of Americans labeling it a failure, slightly worsening from 57% in January 2022. Only 39% consider Biden’s time in office a success so far. Among party lines, 92% of Republicans view Trump’s presidency favorably, while Democratic support for Biden’s success lags at 73%.

The poll also highlights critical issue-based disapprovals for Biden, with only 45% approving of his healthcare policy and 44% on his handling of student loan debt. His lowest approval ratings come from his management of the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, where only 28% approve, including an 81% disapproval among young voters under 35.

Biden’s economic and inflation management also continues to suffer from low approval ratings, with only 34% and 29% approval respectively.


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