Gaza War:OIC,Saudi Arabia, Others Demand Sanctions on Israel, Proffer Solution

In a significant development reported on April 29, 2024, key members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), along with nations like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, convened in Riyadh to address the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The assembly, led by Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan, emphasized the urgent need for international sanctions against Israel in response to its actions in Gaza, particularly against the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

The meeting, which also included dignitaries from Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, Palestine, and the OIC, resulted in a robust call for the international community to implement legal mechanisms to hold Israeli officials accountable for their actions deemed as violations of international law and possible war crimes in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. The ministers urged for immediate action to stop arms exports to Israel and strongly condemned the settler terrorism.

The point of discussion was the status of the Gaza Strip, recognized unequivocally by the ministers as an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories. They rejected any attempts to displace the Palestinian people from their homeland or to conduct military operations in cities like Rafah. The repressive measures against peaceful demonstrators in Western countries, who were advocating for an end to the conflict, were also highlighted and condemned.

The ministers discussed at length the necessity to enhance joint Arab and Islamic efforts to achieve an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. They stressed the importance of protecting civilian lives and ensuring continuous delivery of humanitarian aid amidst the hostilities.

Moreover, there was a unified call for the international recognition of an independent Palestinian state, advocating for a two-state solution with East Jerusalem as its capital within the borders set on June 4, 1967, aligning with relevant international resolutions.


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