2027: Obidients Differ with Peter Obi’s Media Strategies, Call for Fresh Media Team

AHEAD of the 2027 Presidential Election in Nigeria, the supporters of the flag bearer of the Labour Party LP, in the 2023 Presidential Election, Mr. Peter Obi, popularly known as the Obidients have expressed deep concerns about the media strength of their Principal.

Obidients disclosed their dissatisfaction with the media strategies for Mr. Obi while reacting to the recent Media Conference attended by their Principal, who has continued to speak on national issues, ahead of the next Presidential Election in Nigeria.

Reacting, some of the members of the political movement and core supporters of Mr. Obi regretted that the Media Team of Mr. Peter Obi doesn’t have wider coverage, which affects the gathering and dissemination of information about the activities of their Principal.

Obidients, however, stated that their Principal, Mr. Peter Obi deserves to have a Media Team with the capacity to gather and disseminate information about his public engagements in the country and outside the shores of Nigeria.

According to the Obidients, it’s unacceptable that a political Maverick like Mr. Obi should participate in any Media Conference without a prior media report or coverage by the team. They, therefore, call for a consolidated and professionally organized media team that can consistently give media visibility to Mr. Obi.

While acknowledging Mr. Oseloka Obeze’s role, they also called on him to step up action on setting up a Media Team that will have wider coverage for Peter Obi.

Responding, Mr. Oseloka H. Obaze (OHO) @OselokaHObaze said:
“I’ve read suggestions that @PeterObi needs a media team. This is off-campaign season. @PeterObi continues to speak on nation-building issues. Obidients globally are his core media -they carry his message & debunk trolls. God is on the side of the army with the biggest battalion.”


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