Justice For Mohbad: Ijebu People Go Metaphysical, Invoke Spirit of Mohbad

People have intensified efforts to seek justice for the late Nigerian artist, Mohbad. A video of some people in Ijebu land Ogun State invoking the deadly mystical spirit of Agemo over the tragic death of young singer Mohbad goes viral.

In the viral clip, the avenging Ijebu mystical spirit was seen moving unusually while people around kept shouting Mohbad. Also, the mat in which the spirit was invoked had the famous painting of a light bulb and Imole inscribed on it.

Although obtaining justice for the young Streetpop artist Mohbad, who recently passed, has taken many turns. However, the latest clips of people going metaphysical making the rounds online have left many stunned. Photos of Ijebu people invoking the spirit of Agemo to find justice for Mohbad go viral.

About Agemo, festivals are usually held annually, accompanied by several rituals to celebrate and honour the spirit of Agemo. However, it is usually invoked by the Ijebu people to help seek justice when they feel cheated or slighted.


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