BREAKING:Anambra Community Council Urges Governor Soludo to Reject Monarch’s Certificate

In the peaceful Orumba South Local Government Area, the Ihite community finds itself embroiled in a dispute over the selection of its traditional ruler.

The Traditional Council, responsible for overseeing such selections, has publicly criticized Mr. George Madu, the President General of the community, for circumventing their established procedures.

According to the council, the community’s constitution does not endorse the formation of an electoral college for selecting a monarch—a move Madu recently made. The council, composed of esteemed members such as Sir Chief Dominic Ahamkonye, Chief Daniel Ifemkpa, Mr. Anudu Ephraim, and Chief Geoffrey Okeke, expressed their dissatisfaction during a recent meeting. They lamented the disregard for traditional methods, where typically the council collaborates with the town union’s executive to initiate the monarch’s election process.

The surprise comes from the reported swift actions taken by the electoral college, which allegedly already selected Mr. Timothy Ifurunwa as the new ruler without the council’s input. The council found it particularly unconventional and inappropriate that women were allowed to vote in this selection, straying from historical practices.

In response to these developments, the council members have appealed to Governor Prof Chukwuma Soludo to invalidate the recent election and withhold certification of the new monarch. They hope this will prompt a return to the customary procedures honored in Ihite’s past.

On the other hand, Mr. Madu has refuted the council’s claims, labeling them as merely a handful of individuals resistant to the community’s advancement.


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