Why N1000 to $1 Is Ideal– Reno Omokri

The skyrocketed exchange rate for the naira to the dollar has continued to trigger reactions from concerned citizens who deemed the economic situation suitable or not.
While some people have continually decried the increased exchange rate for naira and dollars resulting in about N800 per dollar others have seen it from a different angle owing to the economic crisis across the country and the world at large.

Mr. Reno Omokri has suggested that N1000 per dollar is acceptable for Nigeria. Omokri stated this in the week while reacting to the current exchange rate for naira and dollars about the importation of goods or products.

He compared Nigeria to Japan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, citing how they weakened their currency for them to boost exports and local production of goods and services.

Omokri who is popularly known as the Buhari Tormentor has thrown a wait behind Tinubu’s administration about the exchange rate among others.

Details are in the document attached below:


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