UPDATE: [Videos] Isreal Bids Another Horrible Farewell to Hamas, Launches Fresh Campaign

Israeli Defense Forces IDF has blown up another network of Hamas tunnels in Gaza.

The breakthrough was a sequel to several strategies being deployed by the IDF to take down Hamas and free the captives.

According to researches, each tunnel cost Hamas b$3,000,000, an amount which could have helped Palestinians. Israeli Reporter Wrote.

Meanwhile, Israel is distributing leaflets to Gaza’s Palestinian civilians — requesting help in locating 133 hostages.
In an exclusive intelligent gathering, at least 105 captives are believed to be alive.

Reacting to the development, an Israeli commentator said the problem is that many of these “civilians” helped in the of Israelis.

In another development, Tesla takes Israel by storm as over 800 cars in a light show in solidarity with the hostages in Gaza!

In a video by Moti Carlebach, hundreds of cars are illuminated upon the demonstration of Tesla in solidarity of the citizens of Israel.

This is happening as the death toll of IRGC members in Syria consequent upon alleged Israeli strikes rose to five, whole no fewer than 25, 102 have lost their lives since October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas.


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