10 Fascinating Facts About Okro You Never Knew

Okro, known as okra in many parts of the world, is not only a beloved vegetable in Nigeria but also a versatile and healthy addition to your diet.

Whether you call it “lady’s finger” due to its elongated shape, or enjoy it in its vivid green or red varieties, okro has a lot to offer. Here’s everything you need to know about this popular plant:

1. Quick and Easy to Cook: In Nigeria, okro soup can be prepared quickly, making it a convenient option for a fast meal.

2. Global Names: While Nigerians prefer “okro,” it’s called “okra” in many other countries.

3. Lady’s Finger: In parts of Europe, its slender shape earns it the nickname “lady’s finger”.

4. Color Varieties: Okro is primarily found in green but also comes in a red variety, which turns green when cooked.

5. Slimy Texture: Known for its mucilage or ‘drawness,’ okro has a distinctively slimy texture.

6. Edible from Flower to Pod: The plant is celebrated for its edible seed pods.

7. Flavor Absorber: Okro has a mild taste and absorbs the flavors of spices and seasonings used in cooking.

8. Growing Conditions: Thriving in warm, wet environments, okro needs plenty of water to grow.

9. Seeds Inside: Each pod contains numerous small, edible seeds.

10. Nutritious and Medicinal: Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, okro offers numerous health benefits.


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