Reactions as Major Wave of Generals Retire from Nigerian Army

Today at the Jaji Military Cantonment in Kaduna State, the Nigerian Army witnessed the retirement of 29 senior officers from the Infantry Corps, marking a pivotal shift in its leadership dynamics.

This group of esteemed officers comprised 19 major generals and 10 brigadier generals.

Major General Victor Ezugwu, speaking on behalf of his fellow retirees, emphasized the critical challenges and evolving threats facing Nigeria. He highlighted the essential role that the proposed establishment of an army aviation unit and enhancements to the night fighting capabilities could play in combating terrorism and banditry effectively.

Ezugwu called on the current and future generations of the Nigerian Army to not only continue the progress made in strategic, operational, and tactical realms but also to aim to exceed these efforts. He stressed the importance of adapting to the increasingly asymmetric threats to national sovereignty both temporally and spatially.

In his stirring address, Ezugwu urged the Infantry Corps to refine its tactical and operational strategies. He emphasized the necessity of enhancing frontline intelligence and bolstering basic field training. Specific areas for improvement include aggressive fighting patrols to dominate territories within a 5km radius of their locations, effective ambush tactics, and establishing robust listening and observation posts.


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