Details as EU Slams Israel Over Attacks on Gaza Aid Convoys

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has vehemently condemned the recurring assaults on humanitarian aid convoys heading to Gaza, a response prompted by disturbing events near Hebron.

These convoys, critical for delivering essential supplies to Gaza, especially following the intensified offensive around the city of Rafah, have faced violent interruptions by Israeli extremists. Borrell’s declaration on X (formerly Twitter) was firm and urgent, demanding that the Israeli authorities take immediate action to curb these violent acts.

The incident that sparked this uproar occurred when an aid convoy, rerouted through Israel and coming from Jordan, was viciously attacked at the Tarqumiya checkpoint near Hebron. The perpetrators, identified by Israeli peace activist Sapir Sluzker Amran and associated with the group Tsav 9, sabotaged the convoy by throwing food packages onto the roadside and pouring out sacks of flour. Amran highlighted that Tsav 9, a group known for its extreme right-wing Zionist views, has been targeting these convoys under the pretext of blocking aid to Gaza until Israeli hostages held by Hamas are released.

This attack has not only drawn criticism from the EU but also from the US, with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan expressing outrage over the incident during a White House briefing. He labeled the attack as unacceptable and emphasized the need for accountability.

The Israeli authorities have responded by launching an investigation into the attack, claiming that multiple suspects have been detained. However, the recurrent nature of these disruptions and the alleged involvement of Israeli security agencies, as claimed by Amran, who also reported being struck by a settler during the incident, add layers of complexity and urgency to the situation.


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