Guinness World Records in Calculation: Meet Famous Mathematician, Thomas Fuller, AKA Mental Calculator

The likes of a Nigerian Professor and Mathematician, Chike Obi who hails from Anambra State had set his records clear, but Thomas Fuller had gotten an undisputable intelligence surpassing his counterparts in their era as one of the geniuses that unscripted their names in the Guinness Award.

Thomas Fuller was born around 1710 and was captured in Africa by the White Slavery Masters who shipped him among others to the United States in her 14. The Late Thomas Fuller was popularly known as a Mental Calculator for his overwhelming speed and accuracy in solving arithmetic problems.

Fuller owing to the circumstances surrounding his growth and the impacts the era of servitudes had on him, not much attention had been given to him, while history may have not been fair enough in acknowledging Thomas.

The Late Thomas Fuller razzmatazz his master when he was asked how many seconds there were in a Year and a half, he answered in approximately two minutes, 47304000. Thus, Pro-abolitionists and white philanthropists used his talent as proof that Black slaves were equal to Whites in intelligence.

December 29, 1970, marks the demise of the great Mathematician, Thomas Fuller. His transition from the blue planet Earth had left a lot of things to be felt about him why the latter generations know nothing or little about him, and the need to have his name written boldly on the Guinness Award of the Greatest Mathematicians that ever lived.

Though the Mental Calculator had long left the world stage, he lives beyond the test of time as one of the greatest Mathematicians who embraced the planet Earth. Africa would remain ever grateful to Fuller, inscribing his name on the world book of unique excellent personalities.

December 29 will marks the 233rd anniversary of his death.

Credit: HistoryVille


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