Man Sets Mosque on Fire,Injure Worshippers in Kano

In a distressing event early Wednesday morning in the Gezawa area of Kano State, a mosque was deliberately set on fire during the early morning Subhi prayers, causing severe injuries to multiple worshippers.

The assailant, identified as 38-year-old Shafi’u Abubakar, reportedly locked the doors of the mosque, doused the building with petrol, and ignited the flames while the congregation was engaged in prayer. This act of violence was reportedly motivated by a personal vendetta stemming from a prolonged family dispute over inheritance, where Abubakar felt cheated.

The Kano State Police Command, under the guidance of SP Abdullahi Haruna, responded promptly to the incident. The police managed to arrest Abubakar and are holding him in custody. According to the police, no fatalities have been reported, although the attack left twenty-four individuals, including four children, with injuries. All victims were quickly transported to Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital in Kano for urgent medical treatment.

SP Haruna noted that the initial investigations suggest a petrol-based explosion, and detailed forensic analysis is underway. The police have secured the area and continue to investigate the full circumstances of this shocking event.


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