VIDEO: Why War? Watch Gaza Strips’ Former Vs Current Sites

The raging crisis between Israel and Hamas has created several heart-wrenching situations as the two parties remain at a loggerhead despite attempts to reach a concrete resolution.

Ever since the beginning of the crisis, lives and invaluable properties have been lost on dailies the situation remains unabated. Consequent to the development, Israel and Hamas have been using every paraphernalia at their disposal to crack down against each other. While the masses bear the chunks of the brunts of the war, the leaders of both parties take pride in the domineering activities of their servicemen.

The effects of the crisis thus far pose severe questions about the eventual aftermath of it. Israel has declared no retreat not surrender until victory is achieved, while Hamas has also remained hell-bent on following up on the demand ms of Israel to surrender.

Below is a video showing the sites of the various cuties in the Gaza Strip before and after the attacks by Israel.
Why war?


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