VIDEO: See Most Recent Inventions as Israel Defense Forces Destroy More Targets’ Strongholds

The various strongholds of Hamas have been under heavy attacks in recent times following the earlier breach of truce between Israel and Hamas. The initial truce led to the swap of many captives by the two parties, a demonstration that was expected to last longer than the abrupt end which resulted in a complete resumption of the bombardment of Gaza strips.

Thus far, no fewer than twenty thousand people have lost their lives in the ongoing crisis while millions of people are rendered homeless. The Israeli Defense Forces have been accused of genocidal operations in Gaza where several atomic bombs reportedly equal to the Hiroshima have been dropped.

Different clips show how the IDF carries out brutal operations in a bid to annihilate Hamas.

Consequent to the various developments, the lingering crisis remains unpredictable despite the decision of the United Nations General Assembly UNGA, which declared an immediate ceasefire.


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