Emotional Mother of Fallen Soldier Reveals How She Feels Listening to Son’s Heartbeat After Transplant

An emotional picture of the mother of one Israeli fallen soldier Yonatan Samo, triggers deep reactions. The son who has been on duty during the crisis between Israel and Hamas underwent a transplant in an Israeli father of four.

The mother who could not but stick with her son in that horrible situation reveals that hearing the sounds of the heartbeat of her son brings her immense comfort to witness life continuing after his passing.

An Israeli Commentator wrote: “The mother of the fallen soldier, Yonatan Samo, listens to her son’s heart beating who was transplanted in an Israeli father of 4. She said: “It brings immense comfort to witness life continuing after his passing.”

A lot of people are undergoing similar emotional distress as a result of the unprecedented crisis that broke out on October 7, 2023. Israel and Hamas have not agreed to see each other eye to eye after the Hamas attack that claimed scores of Israeli citizens.

Consequently, Israel has vowed to carry out total retribution until Hamas is annihilated.


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