Niger Junta: Fani-Kayode to Nigerians: Stop Trembling, We Have the Resources And Connections To Win Them If…

Chief Fani- Kayode has urged Nigerians to retain their peace amidst the ongoing rift in the Niger Republic.
Kayode stated this while reacting to the Niger Junta’s threats of retaliation against any attempt to invade the Niger Republic by the ECOWAS Allies.

He, however, brags that Nigeria as a nation can overwhelm its adversaries if Niger or its allies dare attack any part of the country.

“I do not want a war and I do not believe that we should initiate hostilities by invading or deploying troops to Niger Republic unless it is absolutely necessary.

“However if Niger, Burkina Faso, and/or Mali attack Nigeria or any of our ECOWAS allies for ANY reason whatsoever or if they deploy their forces on even one inch of our soil, our response must be swift, shocking, deadly, and devastating.

“We must kick them out, occupy their Southern territories, take their capital Niamey, topple their military Government and re-establish democracy.

“If a puppy nibbles at the toes of a lion it must be taught the lesson of its life lest it forgets that it is nothing but a dog.

“If Wagner jumps into the ring to support them then Nigeria must get support from Executive Outcomes (remember them?), Blackwater, and other western mercenary armies.

“For the record, Wagner is NOT the only mercenary force in the world.

“Nigerians should stop trembling at the mention of their name.

“We pray that it does not come to it but if this war eventually comes our boys will acquit themselves well in the field of battle and we shall not stand alone.

‘Help will come. We as a nation have the resources and connections to ensure that.”


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